Publication policy

Processing charge and publishing procedure

There is not any article processing charge (APC) for publishing in IJSHU. Publishing procedure is developed as follows. After submitting their manuscript, within thirty days of reception authors receive an email in terms of the decision that has been made on their manuscript:

– The paper has been accepted by the Editorial Board and sent out to be reviewed by two referees.

– The paper has been rejected by the Editorial Board before entering the peer review process when it is considered to be lacking important formal and thematic aspects. In this case the proceedings are not continued.

– Authors are asked to make formal and thematic changes before the paper is sent out to be reviewed.

The manuscripts will be evaluated anonymously (double-blind peer review) by a minimum of two referees. The editors of IJSHU committed themselves to respect the recommendations of the reviewers. The following criteria are applied in terms of the referees’ recommendations:

– If both referees unconditionally accept the manuscript for publication, the authors receive a confirmation via e-mail.

– If both referees reject the manuscript, it is rejected outright. In this case IJSHU editors are willing to inform the authors about the reasons for rejection.

– If the two referees disagree on the quality of the work, an additional reviewer is solicited who will then decide if the paper is going to be rejected or not.

– If a major revision is considered necessary from the referees, authors are asked to submit a modified version which will than be reviewed by the same referees again. The modified version decides if the manuscript is going to be published or not.

The Evaluation Protocol used by the reviewers of this journal is public (click here  to download). Once the manuscript is accepted for publication, the authors may be issued certificates of the publication in the IJSHU if required. The article undergoes the proof process. The proof-reader sends page proofs to the author in a WORD file. The author notes changes or comments in a WORD document and sends it back by e-mail.

When the article is written by more than one author, IJSHU sends page proofs only to the first author. Unless otherwise indicated to the director or the editor, e-mail exchanges are exclusively with this person. The proof-reader should receive the requested changes in only one document. In no case are changes accepted that change the final version approved by the referees.